Mani del Sud offers a wide range of men’s accessories preserving the highest quality and the traditional Italian know-how.

Pure silk, natural cotton and Italian leather constitute the ultimate spectrum of materials used throughout the development of the merchandise.

Bow ties

They represent the emotional connection of Raffaele Stella Brienza to fashion, art and design, acting as protagonists of his vision. All bow ties are hand-sewn in premium fabrics and adorned with metallic filigrees, providing the possibility of customizing multiple styles and colors, creating high personal accessories.


The essence of bow ties perfectly joins the original style of the backpack which holds the transparent bow-tie case where old traditions and modernity coexist. The designer utterly embodies a key part throughout the whole process bridging his vision to new creations.

The inspiration of Raffaele Stella Brienza, in continuous growth, leads to new creations.


Mani del Sud offers an elegant selection of premium tailored shirts.

Small Leather Goods

Raffaele Stella Brienza’s original experimentation is enhanced by a wonderful collection of pochette, wallets and shopper bag shaped by the Italian leather masters.

Mani del Sud surely releases the awareness of supplying unique products in terms of design, and quality: emblem of contemporary elegance blending passion and old traditions to a modern vision of the future.