Shirts Collection Mani del Sud


Mani del Sud offers a wide range of high tailored shirts available in many fabrics and designs. All the shirts are meticulously french sewn and detailed with an internal layer that, accordingly to the color combinations, shows the contrast with the outside.

PXT (58% Viscose – 42% Cotton): designed in four different types of fabric papillon, plain, cells and squares and available in pure white, light blue, pink and khaki.

LOGO ( 100% Cotton): marking out the “Papillon” logo next to the heart on the chest and available in the four classic tones of white, light blue, grey and dark blue.

GOFFRATO (100% Polyester): in total black.

PIQUET (100% Cotton): specially designed with the cotton piquet dickey; available in black and white.

LUXURY (100% Cotton): standing out for the luxurious metal embellishments on the neck, wrists and on the dickey.

Collection: Classics
Materials: Cotton 100%
Colors: light grey, red,
dark grey, brown,
marc, blue,
brown & black,
black, white

High quality

Premium fabrics and Italian highest tailoring standards give birth to unique shirts.