Mani del Sud blends the highest level of craftsmanship to a modern conception of design, a visionaire research to a melancholic memory of Basilicata.

This wonderful region in Southern Italy is where the creator and designer of the brand, Raffaele Stella Brienza was born and where he gets inspiration from.

High quality and creativity represent the core values of Mani del Sud and symbolize the uniqueness of the brand.
These designer bow ties play an essential role within the collections and the innovative vision of Raffaele Stella Brienza. Their versatility joins the authentic style of the backpack, whereas the accurate research outlines essential items such as wallets, the pochette and the shopper bag, combined by the great selection of high tailored shirts.

Premium silk, natural cotton and genuine leather are the materials used for all creations by Raffaele Stella Brienza, bringing into life a contemporary elegance blending passion and old traditions to a modern vision of the future.